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Cordyceps vs 


The cordyceps mushroom controls its host's mind before fruiting from the host’s head or body. People also take it as a health supplement. I’m totally inspired by that.

Hi, I'm Alyssa. I live in Oregon. Hiking here is a dream but yikes! Have you ever seen a banana slug?! Also very inspiring. 

I've been doing clay since I was a kid in New Jersey, Land of Diners. Only nestled in a diner booth are you are entirely safe from cordyceps. I've never seen a banana slug in there either.

I work out of a community studio at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon.


Cordyceps vs will be at:

- First Friday Art Walk

- Game of Shrooms! Finders-keepers one of my pieces

- First Friday in August + September

You can see larger sculpture pieces by appointment. Email is good: 

The fungus in me sees the fungus in you.

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