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100 garlics + 100 fava beans = 200 pastas

I picked up 4 varieties of garlic from the Portland Nursery last September, put into the ground early November. I put in about 100 cloves, and that's about what's popped up so far, so I’m expecting about that many heads come August. Although reading my labels is now impossible, I've got Russian Giant, a purple hardneck with large cloves and mild flavor that's easy to peel. Italian Late, a silver skin softneck, good keeper and braiding type (but no scapes). German Red, a hardneck with strong, hot, and spicy flavor. And Georgian Crystal, a hardneck with rich, mellow flavor and no bite. I'm just not sure how many of each or which are which. It's my third year growing garlic. I am just trying varieties at random. What sounded good in the bins is what we have. Last year I grew all Music, about 75 of the softneck variety. at 100% germination, the bulbs we grew lasted from harvest in late July through March.

In mid-November I planted 3 packets--about 100 beans--of Windsor Favas from Baker Creek Seeds. They had 100% germination, were about 2 inches tall in the 2nd week of December, and survived near lightly frosts without cover in our largest garden bed. They're 2-3 feet tall and flowering heavily in late April.

I harvested and removed most of the overwintered brassicas--they were flowering and in the way--to accompany our asparagus risotto. The new baby greens are just poking out to begin their spring cycle. So far the only sign of life in the roots bed is from the french breakfast radishes, but the beets, carrots, and onions are sown and are surely not far behind with this week of early summery weather here in the Willamette Valley.

Fava bean flowers

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