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April 1, 2021 check-in

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The first peanut's showed up. It's an old one but still whole, both peanuts intact. The shell is perforated and lacy with age. I pocket it and wonder, and decide to finally ask: is this a typical garden thing? My first garden was a little allotment so small that it was really easy to find the almost-daily peanut. Varying conditions of a whole or half shell, sometimes an intact, one peanut per day deposited somewhere in my garden. Happens to me every year, so I assume squirrels do this to everyone? Share with me your peanut experience.

So far it seems like the Sluggo is keeping the crafty bastards off at least some of my pea shoots. I put in some more of the sugar snap peas this week; this year I did those, Lincoln shelling peas, and Oregon Giant snow peas. So far the Lincolns are pulling ahead, not a surprise since those are the ones in the bed vs the strip in front of the house--they have better, warmer soil and some wind protection.

Nothing is happening with the brassica seeds I put in (Chinese broccoli, arugula, blue and green kale, and mizuna) likely due to constant nightly frosts. Inside under the lights (which are a first for this year), we've selected one winning plant in each tomato pot and thinned the rest, leaving 12 plants. Pushing too many for the size of our tomato plot, we of course chose 2 thinnings to try and rescue anyway, because... you can always squeeze in more tomatoes.

Up next: planting the roots.

the peanut

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